People’s Kitchen Collective believes that hospitality can be radical, and that food is a critical tool for self-determination and social justice. In response to global systemic inequalities, we offer food-centered political education projects that engage peoples in social movements.

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Community dining

We approach community dining as a social practice, creating meals in collaboration with artists, poets, researchers, and activists as multi-sensory productions of cultural resilience and joyous political critique.

Our latest projects are a part of our 2017-2018 meal series "From the FARM to the KITCHEN to the TABLE to the STREETS!" where we investigate healing at each of these sites.

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Through public speaking and workshops, we share our expertise and research of food and social movements to build solidarity across race, class, nationality, and gender.

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Installations and Exhibitions

We partner with cultural organizations to create participatory projects in museums, galleries, and in public spaces that engage the social politic and potential of food