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"From the Farm..."

"From the Farm" - a community meal with the People's Kitchen Collective

Join Peoples Kitchen Collective for the first of a four-meal series in West Oakland investigating healing and resistance From the Farm, To the Kitchen, To the Table, To the Street. Held over the course of a year, from Spring 2017 to Spring 2018, we invite you to consider the farm, kitchen, table, and street, as sites of knowledge production, storytelling, and resilience.

As people of color, we crave spaces that deliberately center the voices and experiences of our peoples. Our lives are shaped by displacement, migration, loss of land, and access to resources. In the absence of land, we create space through ritual in the form of a meal. PKC created this program in an effort to bring to light our communities' vital food stories and practices using the table as a place of connection. In this series we bring artists, chefs, musicians, activists, and the public together to build catalytic spaces of nourishment. 

On April 1, we will kick off the first meal of the series asking our guest to reflect on their connection to the farm. Specifically, we will share a meal and explore how our people's have used farming and land to further stories of resistance and hold space in the face of displacement. In true People's Kitchen Collective style, the "From the Farm" meal will bring together farmers, artists, chefs and activists to present a unique dining experience for participants connecting politics, history, art and food. 

See you on April 1!
People's Kitchen Collective

The From the Farm to the Table to the Kitchen to the Streets meal series is a project of the Peoples Kitchen Collective in collaboration with AIR-SF with generous support provided in part by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and will require additional financial support from our community. 

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Event held at ALENA, West Oakland. Address sent with ticket confirmation.

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