People's Kitchen Collective Free Breakfast Program at Life is Living. Photography by Sana Javeri Kadri

People's Kitchen Collective Free Breakfast Program at Life is Living. Photography by Sana Javeri Kadri

Join People’s Kitchen Collective for a four-meal series in West Oakland investigating healing “From the Farm, To the Kitchen, To the Table, To the Street.” Held over the course of a year, from Spring 2017 to Spring 2018, we invite you to consider the farm, kitchen, table, and street, as sites of knowledge production, storytelling, and resilience.

As people of color, we crave spaces that deliberately center the voices and experiences of our peoples. Our lives are shaped by displacement, migration, loss of land, and access to resources. In the absence of land, we create space through ritual in the form of a meal. PKC created this program in an effort to bring to light our community’s vital food stories and practices using the table as a place of connection. In this public art project we bring artists, chefs, musicians, activists, and the public together to build catalytic spaces of nourishment.

FROM THE FARM” (April 1st, 2017) asks participants to share their personal connections to the farm. How have our peoples used farming as a way to create place in the face of displacement?  Tickets available here.
TO THE KITCHEN” (August 19th, 2017) “What are our kitchen remedies for illness, trauma, and separation?” This meal sources stories of healing for what ails the body and spirit.
TO THE TABLE” (November 11th, 2017) invites people across communities affected by xenophobic immigration policies to come to the table. In remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, this meal is a celebration of continued solidarity work between Asian American, Arab American, Latinx, and undocumented peoples.
TO THE STREETS” (Spring, 2018) creates a public space to celebrating shared resilience in West Oakland. This meal for five hundred participants will span three city blocks. This is a reclaiming of the commons, of the streets that are rapidly being disconnected from their history through gentrification. Here, we will eat publicly at the intersection of food, art, and justice. PKC will collaborate with artists, musicians, performers and social justice organizations to host tables and facilitate conversations about cultural preservation, movement building, and self determination. We deliberately create and take up space while focusing on building health and connection. In the face of a gentrifying Oakland, this is how we feed a revolution.

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From the Farm to the Table to the Kitchen to the Streets” is a project of the People’s Kitchen Collective in collaboration with AIR-SF with generous support provided in part by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation Open Spaces Program.

This program will require additional financial support from our community. To make a non tax-deductible contribution please visit or email

We hope you will join us, eat with us, and fight alongside us.
In community & in the kitchen always,

People’s Kitchen Collective

The Goal Of The People's Kitchen collective Is Not Only To Fill Our Stomachs, But Also Nourish Our Souls, Feed Our Minds, And Fuel A Movement.